FUNDECASSA= Quality High Altitude Honduran Coffee

Directions from Honduras's Airports to FUNDECASSA

Directions from Tegucigalpa: 

• Take the highway from Tegucigalpa to Comoyagua (CA5) 
• Progress on towards San Pedro Sula for approximately 10 miles 
• Take Hwy 22 to La Esperanza taking a left outside of Comoyagua 
• Pass through La Esperanza and leave it with Mike´s on the left and the market on your right
• The best dirtroad currently veers to the left a a police station

Pass through a small village and continue towards San Juan with the road becoming paved 
•Stay to the left at the fork with a bus station
• Hang to the right upon entering San Juan until you leave San Juan 
• take a right into the driveway across from a dug out hill and the stone carvers to the office of Fundecassa.

Directions from San Pedro Sula:

Take the Highway from San Pedro Sula to La Entrada through La Ceibita.
• Take the Highway from La Entrada to Santa Rosa de Copan.
• Take the highway from Santa Rosa to Gracias Lempira.
• Take the highway from Gracias towards La Esperanza and San Juan.
• After approximately a short hour from Gracias you will reach San Juan.
• Prior to entering the village of San Juan there is a dug out hill on your right and FUNDECASSA directly across it on the left. 
• Take a left into our driveway. If you pass it stop at the petrol/gas station on your right to turn around.

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