FUNDECASSA= Quality High Altitude Honduran Coffee

Welcome to FUNDECASSA a Honduran quality COFFEE Experience

Development Directly from the Community!

Fundecassa provides the sustainable capital management, the agricultural techniques, & the combined effort of over 105 micro coffee entrepreneurs pursuing their coffee dreams in the western Honduran town of San Juan, Intibuca. The organization is a community wide development project that sustains & improves the quality of the lives of the farmers, the quality of coffee, & the community.

What makes us Unique?

Fundecassa has been Rainforest & Environmentally Friendly certified since 2004, which has provided us with supportive advise, technical assistance, & quality standards to really develop a progressive organization and society of coffee producers. Now we are interested in expanding our client base, so that we can develop long lasting international partnerships with businesses and organizations pursuing a better world with superior quality coffee. Our goal is to provide sustained trust based business relationships with one or two exporters with the intention of maintaining our Rainforest and environmentally friendly growing practices, along with the overall development of the local community of San Juan.

Who Are We?

Fundecassa is a Honduran foundation of the micro entrepreneurs of San Juan, Intibuca that is pursuing sustainable development of 16 different enterprises of which 10 are coffee co-ops. The entire community profits by combining capital resources to obtain better loans, while supporting each other by dividing the profits between the 105 associates. Thus, our 2 local micro credit institutions provide the capital for our local baker, our honey keeper, our 2 corn mills, & our 10 coffee farmers, so that the community can better manage and increase our standard of living as a community through a diversified cooperative of sustainable growth. Prior to this organization, the impoverished coffee farmers and micro entrepreneurs had little access to capital investment opportunities, international clients, and essential technical advice to improve their coffee quality & more importantly their quality of life.

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