FUNDECASSA= Quality High Altitude Honduran Coffee

About Our Honduran Cool Sustainable Quality Coffee Foundation

Where Are We?

Fundecassa is located in San Juan, Intibucá Honduras, which is situated in the misty Puca Mountains between La Esperanza and Gracias, where the fabled Lempira once lived. We are blessed with ample rain, shade, fertile soil, and some of the best views of the national parks like Puca, as well as some famous hot rivers flowing from our nearby hot springs. The coffee grows at the ideal altitude between 1,250 meters to 1,700 meters with shade provided by banana trees, plantain trees, and several local exotic trees. Both international airports, San Pedro Sula (SAP) and Tegucigalpa (TGU), are within a short 4 hour drive through the lovely plains of Comayagua into the pristine mountains along the Lencan Route and south western Honduras, where countless birdwatchers gather to view the elusive Guacamaya parrot.

Who are our producers?

The coffee producers have quarterly meetings, manage their own projects from within 10 different companies. The names of the companies vary,  along with their altitudes, farmers, types of coffee, and size of farm. Our 10 coffee companies are called Bella Vista, Flor de Cafe, Luz y Vida, El Pinar, San Jose, Emanuel, Nuevo Esferuzo, Eben Ezer, Brisas de Agua Caliente, and Brisas de Cocire.

Currently, we are starting a project of organic fertilizer, so that the pulp from the coffee beans will be processed into organic fertilizer to sell and use ourselves. This is an essential part of sustainably diversifying or products, while reducing our dependence on outside bank loans & buying fertilizer by simply processing a former waste product, coffee pulp.

 The Story of our Local Coffee Farmers:

Our coffee production is based on local Honduran family run farmers cultivating on average 1-3 acres of rain forest and environmentally friendly certified coffee bushes. Since our foundation in 2002, 105 impoverished coffee growers have received technical assistance, drying space, access to machines, steady returns on their production, and the essential support of a group dedicated to the community and the future of coffee in San Juan.

Prior to our joining Rainforest Alliance in 2004, the farmers were not aware of quality control or the rainforest alliance policies on working conditions, and garbage. Now each farmer takes pride in his cabins for the workers, latrines, trash cans, trash free farms, and most importantly animals and life within the farm. This really burst into being through the UTZ program in 2008, which made sure that all the plump red coffee grapes were good inside. Now during each quarterly meeting the farmers are glowing with pride at being Rainforest Alliance partners, UTZ, and increasingly being able to improve the cupping of excellence taste and the beauty of visiting their coffee farms.

Their concerns were once to survive year by year without thinking of the environment, quality coffee, or a secure future. Now they feel that together as a community each has provided their all to gain a community of coffee experts with superb coffee, which has placed 4th in international cuppings of excellence (Marcala 2005), and most importantly the confidence and independence to improve their well being, their community´s well being, and the state of the environment in the scenic Puca Palaca mountains.

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